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About Surili G


Spiritual Richness and Experience:
Surili is a Spiritual Master and Guide, an Energy Healer and Wellness Coach. 

  • She is a Grand Master in Lama Fera having trained and initiated many people from India and Abroad in this Powerful Ancient Buddhist Healing Technique.
  • She also conducts Teacher’s Training and Ceremonies for Munay-ki 9 Rites of Transformation.
  • Surili practices Sound Healing with Tibetan Sound Bowls and other healing modalities.
  • Yogmaya Healing
  • Card Readings
  • Access Bars
  • Past Life Regression
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Vaastu Healing /Space Energy Clearing,
  • Signature Analysis
  • Reiki
  • Numerology
  • Pendulum Dowsing and much more.
Surili G-Lama Fera-Mumbai-India-Expert-Grandmaster


WOW Iconic Award Holder 2019

She provides help and guidance with various issues and challenges, whether emotional, mental, physical, psychological or related to anxiety, stress, pain, relationships, finances, negative energy clearing, space clearing and purification, chakra balancing, sleep problems, childhood issues, past life issues and others.

Surili is a highly Spiritual and Compassionate Soul with a Deep Humanitarian Spirit and a Healing Touch. She has dedicated her life for Welfare of Humanity, Living Consciously and Spreading Love and Light wherever she goes.

She conducts regular Spiritual and Energy Healing workshops all over India. Her Mission is to spread the Divine knowledge of Lama Fera across the world by creating more Lama Fera Healers and Masters so that this powerful healing can benefit all. She also plans to touch and transform lives of millions through her transformational  programs.

Personal Journey of Life:
Surili started her journey as a Healer while going through an extremely challenging phase of her life when she started looking for ways of healing herself and her life. She began exploring and learning different alternative healing modalities In the process she started experiencing the benefits of alternative healings through her own physical, mental, emotional healing which led to transformation in her life, and she developed a deep desire to share her knowledge, learnings and experiences to heal and help others the same way and within a short span of time she started practising as a Spiritual Master and Healer under her brand name ‘Surili Heals’. All her work details and achievements are shared on her website www.suriliheals.com as well as on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, Facebook, and on her YouTube Channel ‘Surili Heals’.

Personal Background:
Professionally Surili is an MBA in Finance and a Specialist in organising and planning International Level Business Conferences and Seminars. In the past she has successfully hosted and managed Business Events both as Organiser and as Master of Ceremonies for more than a decade. Apart from this, Surili is also trained in Indian Classical Vocal Music,and Indian Classical Dances Kathak and Bharat Natyam. She is also a Stock Market Enthusiast, a Volunteer with Isha Foundation, and a learner at heart with keen interest in Indian Culture and Spiritual subjects.


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