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Angel Card Readings


Cards readings are powerful tools for those seeking guidance and insights into their life, their challenges and their life purpose. Cards also give clarity related to a particular situation and show the way forward how to handle the problem. The readings help heal hidden blocks and assist in finding answers to questions.

For example in Angel Card Readings, we connect to our Guardian Angels and other Angels and we can ask the question “What we need to know ?” and we get a message from the cards regarding what we need right now.

So we simply connect with and ask the Angels, Archangels, and Angelic Beings, and our questions will be answered through the cards and we will be shown the way.

Surili does 3 types of Card Readings for her Clients:

Angel Oracle Cards 

Angels being loving and caring beings who want to protect humanity, hence their cards provide gentle, comforting messages and guidance, rather than telling specific times, dates and places.

Angel-Oracle-Cards-expert-mumbai-surili-gAngels offer messages and support to us through Angel cards, so whether we are facing difficulties in your relationship, are struggling with our career or finances, or perhaps we just need peace of mind on a certain situation, Angel cards can help. The interesting thing about the Angel cards is that you can’t select incorrectly. Any card you turn over serves to provide an insight or spiritual advise. Overall Angel messages provide encouragement, and positive affirmations for whatever challenges you face.

Each angel card possesses a deep spiritual meaning. Each card symbolizes a way to better understand your role in this world, and to learn from the past, present, and future. Delving into the world of angel cards represents a positive step towards spiritual growth.

Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

Unicorns are magical beings and look like a white horse with a spiralling horn on their forehead. Unicorn horns are believed to protect from evil and were believed to cure various ailments. Unicorns are mentioned in various literary works, and they are considered to be the purest creatures. They are angelic helpers who want to assist us in living happier and healthier lives. 


Connecting with the Unicorns we can receive messages and guidance related to our present life, our future, and our spiritual path. You can simply ask for and receive messages from these cards. These cards readings have messages of pure love from the Unicorns.

Each card shows the beauty, purity, strength and magic that is within every unicorn. The Magical Unicorn Cards deck is not only charming and beautiful but also enchanting and takes us into the magical and pure world of unicorns. 

The cards bring positivity and remove or reduce the surrounding negativity.

Ascension Cards

We are living in extraordinary times offering us enormous opportunity for our spiritual growth. When we take advantage of these opportunities available to us, then we evolve very quickly so that our soul lights up. It brings us great joy, love, peace and satisfaction and we can help the planet and everyone on it.

Ascension-Cards-Surili-G-Mumbai-Card Healing-ExpertThese beautiful cards are designed as tools to set you on your higher spiritual path if you are ready and to assist you to start and accelerate your journey to the light in order to support humanity and the Earth. Each card in the deck provides guidance from specific ascension energy or ascended master to assist with the assimilation of the wisdom. These card readings help you to raise your energy vibrations so as to be guided and inspired to help bring hope, peace and love to the world.

Do come and connect with all these wonderful cards to find your answers and guidance through Angels, Unicorns, Ascension Light and Ascended Masters !


Angel Card Reader-expert-in-mumbai-india-surili


TIRED from everywhere?
3000 (Approx. 45 mins)

Read Reviews

Ssurili an Angel


I was at a cross road both on a personal front and the career front. I wanted guidance, but was skeptical as to whom to choose coz on a google search you can find so many card readers. Well I just went by my intuition and connected to the page Surili Heals. Called up and quickly took an appointment. Connected via Zoom call on time.
Ssurili Mam has very soothing and calming voice. Looked very composed. She greeted me very well.
I went ahead and shooted my question. She was very patient and heard the entire question and took few minutes to answer and gave me the guidance accordingly. Which was very satisfying. Mam also asked whether she is making justice to the question. Well she was making lot of sense to what I asked her. It was just not only the answer to question but she gave me lot of other solutions also. I had booked a 30 minutes session which indeed became 45 minutes but Mam never hurried up. End of the session I felt the had made the best decision by connecting to her. After the session I am pretty much sorted i know which direction to go. I had lost hopes you came in as a Angel who bought in ray of light. Thank you so much for the guidance and support. I am blessed to come across a wonderful soul like you. Thanks 🙏🏻

Deepthi Shankar
31 March, 2021
Bangalore India

Healer who helped my Company

I love to share my experience with dear Surili. She’s an amazing healer who just completely connects to your inner soul, gives complete support to understand your work and mission. She helped me zero down the logo of my company which I was working on for a year and also suggested proper words formation with complete colour coordination and one thing she told me which still echoes in my ears that YOU WILL FLY NOW,NONE CAN STOP YOU and yes, I can see the difference. Thanks a ton Surili ?

Raakkhee Singhi
9 August, 2020
Chennai, India

Amazing progress in my son with Developmental Delay – Great Lama Fera

A Big THANK YOU Surili, ever-since we have started taking Lama Fera healing session with you, we see an amazing progress in my son’s sleep pattern, constipation and obviously speech. As you know my son IISHAANK is developmentally lagging and falls on the Autism Spectrum, having said that he has had multiple co-morbidities associated with it. This affected his sleep, digestion and many more areas of his life.
As we started healing, i have noticed tremendous holistic progress – he is sleeping better, a child who used to wake up in the midnight at least 2-3 times per week is now remarkably reduced to once or twice in 2 weeks, and his digestion got better coz he is able to have regular bowel movements, much calmer, happier and affectionate. Behaviours are almost NIL. He connects with everyone at home in a more loving way, I mean I can go on and on. You have been a great healer, a wonderful and compassionate friend who guided us holistically, not just with his healing but for his overall progress. I cant thank you enough, you are god sent and am so grateful for this association.
Thank you for taking up this healing request despite you having no prior history of handling similar conditions and doing a WONDERFUL job.
I really like the way you work with set goals and working towards achieving those results. For those who think the results cannot be tracked, please talk to Surili, she knows her job so well and is very organised and focused towards her goals. She is a ONE STOP SOLUTION!

Veena Siddalingappa
20 July, 2020
Bangalore, India

Great Card Reader

I had Card reading done by Surili, after being recommended by a friend. It was very helpful in guiding me in my life and to overcome my problems which I was going through in my life. Thank you Surili G

Sunita Mehar
7 November, 2019
Bangalore, India