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31 Jan 2022: Lama Fera Master Level Workshop

LAMA FERA Master Level Workshop

Attend One Day Master Level Workshop with Lama Fera Grandmaster Ssurili

LAMA FERA is the fastest and most powerful healing technique practised since ancient times. Lama Fera helps to remove sufferings of the soul, remove negativity, blockages, black magic, entities, spells, karmic problems, critical illness, mental and emotional problems, financial blockages, energy imbalances, vastu problems and problems in space energy. 

LAMA means anyone who follows philosophy of Buddha, and FERA means healing around body with energy of Buddha. This method of healing has been practiced by Lamas in Tibet since ancient times.

Importance of Lama Fera

The main cause of suffering according to LAMA FERA is the ignorance of the soul. And main purpose of LAMA FERA is Soul Realisation.

The Main purpose of LAMA FERA is to create a balance in physical, mental and spiritual levels.

LAMA FERA has only two main levels – Master Healer level which has one Attunement, and Master Teacher level which has two Attunements.

* LAMA FERA is different from reiki, a non reiki channel and person who doesn’t know about healing can learn it too. LAMA FERA works instantly, where reiki can’t work.

* LAMA FERA directly works on elements, and instantly removes the negativity from house, shop, person.

* LAMA FERA is a powerful healing modality, and complete in itself.

* LAMA FERA is about the discipline and it is about the path of Soul Healing. After learning you will see growth in every aspect of life. You have to maintain the purity of this modality.

* LAMA FERA healing can also be done from distance.


Benefits of Lama Fera:

Removal of Negative Energies
Removal of Black Magic
Removal of Blockages

Emotional Healing
Physical Healing

Mental Healing

Soul Healing

Space Healing


Requirement to Attend Lama Fera Master Level :

Certificate of Completion of LAMA FERA Healer Level


Master Level Workshop Contents :

*Two Master Level Powerful Attunements/Initiations

*Master Level Manual

*Master Level Certificate (After Master Level you can teach others)

*Master Level Symbols

*Deeper Vaastu/Space Healing

*Toran Kriya

*Healing Crystals, Chakras, Situations, Relationships etc

*Short Self Healing, Other Processes and  Knowledge Sharing

*Emergency Satik Kriya

*Shuddhikaran Purification Process

*Siddhikaran Process

*Post Workshop Support


* Overseas Students have a different pricing. Please mail your enquiries and booking request to contactsurili@suriliheals.com

The event is finished.

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