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Life Enhancing Signatures


Do you know that the way you do your signatures might be blocking your energy and what you do, and therefore not bringing you the desired results although you are putting in lots of efforts.

Importance of Signature Analysis

Little is known about Signature Analysis and its importance. Your Signature is your public image. It tells a lot about how you behave in public, and how you are around other people, and how you think of yourself when others think of you.

Signature Analysis does not talk about the moods and thoughts the way handwriting does. Everyone does not behave the same way in public like the way they behave at home or in private.

Analysis of signatures (as shown in the image above) of some famous and successful people:

1) Bill Gates, Founder – Microsoft

Signature Analysis:

There is no pressure on his T-bar crossing in his surname. Means he is determined. The closed (retraced) L’s reveal he keeps a close check on reality.

The open loop in T reveals extreme sensitivity to criticism while engaging with him professionally or personally. Choose your words carefully or he may take an offence.

2) Mark Zukerberg, CEO – Facebook and Instagram

Signature Analysis:

The rounded top of the capital ‘M’ in Mark’s first name suggests he will be patient and methodical when he is doing what he is interested in and invested in.

The mid-portion of his capital ‘M’ is suspended above the baseline, indicates Marks ideas are visionary and he will carve out his own identity.

3) Warren Buffet, CEO – Berkshire Hathaway, Financial Advisor and Investor

Signature Analysis:

The far right slant of this signature reveals a true extrovert who is sentimental about his friends and family and is prone to impulsiveness.
But he has the north-to-south running loop kick-starting  the letter W in Warren, which reveals his will. He is a man of vision who can see the end result quickly. He will always be eager to get to the end game.

Will Signature Analysis help me?

Surili G feels that any change in your external factors may not give you the desired change unless you change internally. Conscious consistent efforts and changes in your thoughts and attitude along with external change such as signature change or correction, name change etc will surely help you a lot to get desired results and and bring a positive shift in your energy.

How can Surili G help you?

Surili G does your Signature Analysis and correction if required, keeping in mind your goals and dreams, and creating the best signature for your needs, utilising her knowledge and experience, for creating your BEST signatures for bringing the desired positive shift in your life.

You don’t need to change your new signatures in bank and government documents immediately. After few months of practicing your new signatures as instructed, you may change once you start experiencing the desired changes in your life.

What all things are required to be submitted for Signature Analysis?

1) You need to give your full and short signatures that you are using normally to sign any documents, courier etc and also your official signatures in your bank and government ids. Basically submit all types of signatures that you are using officially and unofficially to analyse them.

2) Also give your full name that you use both officially and unofficially.

Signature Analysis can be done distantly


Signature analysis by Surili G Mumbai India


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Miraculous Results (Life Enhancing Signatures)


It has been an amazing experience for me to have a meeting with such a great healer . The therapy she gives has miraculous results in my life. I strongly recommend that anyone who gets her healing touch will definitely start it’s new horizon of success and surely be a overall winner. May she heal all the humanity suffering from frustration of failures .

Vishal Sharma
2 June, 2019
Haridwar, India

My Magical Angel (Testimonial for Life Enhancing Signatures)

poornima gangadhara

Surili is an embodiment of compassion and love. Even the first time i had a conversation with her, within a minute I could feel “She is my magical angel” sent by universe to uplift me from my struggling phase of life. Her immense patience, incredible knowledge, amazing power all combined together has resulted in a drastic shift in my personality and life in short period of time.
Life is meant to enjoy every moment, if there is anything stopping you do not sit and sulk .Get up and go to Surili. She will be there for you, holding your hands until you are lifted up !
Thank you universe for bringing us this magical lady amongst us, to help us all !

Poornima Gangadhara
2 July, 2018
Melbourne, Australia

Life Enhancing Signatures

Surili ji is a versatile and multi talented person. Very divine and pure soul. During my Signature Analysis, she told me about my weakness in my behaviour only by analysing my signatures. I wondered, how is it possible to tell so many things absolutely correct by this method. Then she corrected my signature to improve those weaknesses and further strengthen my positive qualities. I am practising my signatures and getting positive results. Thanks to Surili ji.

Dr Rajeev Agarwal, Dermatologist
26 May, 2018

Signature Analysis by Surili Guptaa

Nidhii Swami Lama Fera Workshop Surili Heals

In Signature Analysis I experienced better things in my life. Before Signature Analysis my life was unsystematic. I did more than 7000 signatures and my life is very systemic, organised, and emotionally I am very happy. This Signature Analysis session by Surili Guptaa is very different experience of my life.  Before this I was emotionally imbalanced, but after doing 7000 signatures, I experienced that I am becoming emotionally balanced. I am so happy and thanks to Surili ji and thanks to my sweet friend.

Nidhii Swami
11 May, 2018
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Great Healer and Therapist

Prashant Tripathi

I had great experience and satisfaction while taking professional healing solution from Surili Ji at Osman chambers, Juhu, Mumbai. I took Lama Fera session, Signature Analysis & correction……. Session for finding purpose of life….. I highly recommend everyone to best of healing support in order to find root causes……
Divine blessings to all

12 March, 2018
Coventry, United Kingdom