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Success means unshakable dedication and commitment to your duty towards yourself and society.

Could you introduce us to yourself and your business?
I am a Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Transformation Coach, and Grandmaster in Lama Fera, a powerful ancient Buddhist healing technique.
I also practice other alternative therapy sessions such as sound healing, past life regression, inner child healing, Vaastu/space energy cleaning, signature analysis, astrology, planetary healings, ancestral healings, DNA Activations, Card Readings, Numerology, Pendulum Dowsing, NLP, Core Somatic, Reiki, Munay-ki Rites, Yogmaya, Humkara with Haleem, Shalvik Mantra Rahasya and many more.
I provide help with various issues-emotional, mental, physical, psychological, relationship related, womb related, anxiety, stress, pain, childhood issues, sleep problems, fears, depression, addictions, black magic removal, negativity removal, blockages removal, space energy clearing, chakra balancing, curse removal, and all other types of problems.

What is the role of your family in your achievements?
My parents gave birth to me and opened the door to spirituality for me. Since childhood, I have been connected to spirituality. Thanks to my family’s support, I had the opportunity and freedom to grow spiritually.

What is your ultimate aim as a spiritual healer? How can you create a new path in your profession?
Through my one-on-one healing therapies, sessions, and change work, I want to create a multiplier effect through my awareness programs, coaching programs, and workshops by teaching skills to other healers and training masters to further teach healing skills to others who want to learn. Also, sharing the importance of more love and compassion and developing it in the healers and teachers helps them bring faster and more positive results through their healing in a shorter time.
My special focus is to spread more love, compassion, and deeper understanding among people by improving ways of interpersonal communication and relations, becoming more sensitive to the needs of others, and spreading it to society gradually, starting from home, and from home to personal and professional relations outside the home, to friends, family, colleagues, and society at large.

What was the one thing that first persuaded you to enter into this field of industry?
I went through a lot of turmoil, emotionally, mentally, and physically. At that time, I was seeking answers and solutions to my problems, and I turned to spirituality and different healing modalities for help, and I started feeling a lot of internal strength and a positive difference in my mental and emotional states. This is how I decided to learn and teach various spiritual healings and therapies and make this my profession to help people come out of their problems in a positive way without any side effects.

With such cut-throat competition in this industry, what is it that makes the services you offer exceptional?
I do not fear competition as I believe in offering my best healing services with pure intention and with complete surrender to the divine energy and power to work through me for the highest good of the person who has come to me for help.

Your achievements in this industry are more than impressive. Would you like to share them with us today?
I have received the Iconic Award and many other awards of appreciation for my work in the spiritual field. I have successfully conducted more than 10,000 healing and therapy sessions for different problems with my clients.
Through my regular monthly online and offline advanced spiritual and energy healing workshops, I have trained and initiated more than 500 healers and Masters from India and abroad.
On my website,, and YouTube channel “Surili Heals”, I have more than 150 written, audio, and video reviews of happy clients and happy students.

Does your work ever feel unexciting to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
I love and enjoy doing my work. I like taking up all the challenging cases that come to me and feel grateful to God for guiding me and choosing me to do this divine service for the people.

You have achieved so much in life. Is there any specific advice you’d like to share with the new people entering the healing industry?
I would advise new people entering the healing field to give their best from their hearts in this noble profession. The main quality is being compassionate and giving to serve the needs of others. Allow divine guidance to help you in bringing the desired results to your clients. Have patience and complete faith in God and your work while serving others. Do your work in the best interest of the client. Never try to focus on your own selfish needs while doing the healing session. These are some important things to keep in mind for getting the best results and becoming successful in this industry.

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