2021 – Workshop Pictures

Blessed and Trained Students

Browse some of the sweet memories of Lama Fera students and participants, captured by the camera, who attended the various workshops and events with Wellness Therapist, Natural Healer: Surili G.

Feel free to contact Surili G if you are interested in any of the upcoming Lama Fera events and want to benefit your life, want to know the purpose of your life or even want to get successful in your life. Lama Fera workshop will help to transform your life. Whereas, Life enhancing signatures are certainly worth trying as lots of people have benefited from this form of therapy as well.

Lama Fera & Humkara with Haleem workshops February 2021
2021- January- Lama-Fera-workshop
2021- January- Lama Fera workshop - Mumbai
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