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Ssurili Rk is one the top Lama Fera Grandmasters in India having trained and initiated more than 175 students from India and various countries across the globe including Australia, USA.

She has a great personality which is reflected in her teaching and how she interacts with her students and people who come to her with various problems in their lives. Ssurili Rk continues to expand her knowledge and experience in various fields like Lama Fera, Munay ki Rites, Black Magic Removal and Life Enhancing Signatures.

Ssurili Rk is also available for personal healing sessions and consultations by appointments only.

You can contact her for Lama Fera workshops, Healing sessions, Black Magic Removal sessions and consultations by sending mail or Whatsapp message by clicking the buttons below:

Watch and Listen to the Testimonials from various students who have benefitted by the therapies delivered by Ssurili Rk