Sound Healing


Everything in the Universe has its own unique vibration and frequency. Sound Healing is an ancient healing practice used by sages since ages, and also practised by Lamas and has deep roots in Tibetan culture. 

Sound Healing sessions are given by Surili G using Tibetan Singing Bowls that are made up of same metal as the temple bells.

Everything in the universe is sound or vibrations or energy. Sound has deep healing properties. Every physical, mental, emotional problem is due to distortion in the energy field. But with the help of sound the energy can get back to normal.

Sound Healing is very relaxing and sound can travel and reach into each and every cell of the body and mind, and can take us into deep meditative states.

There are different sound frequencies, nature sounds, instrumental sounds, mantras etc. Usually Tibetan singing bowls, gong, and tuning forks are used for sound healing.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound has deep healing properties. Every physical, mental, emotional problem is due to distortion in the energy field. But with the help of sound, the energy can get back to normal.

  • Sound therapy helps with physical illness.
  • Helps to balance the emotions.
  • Quietens a wandering and stressed out mind.
  • After treatment majority of the people feel calm and relaxed. This feeling can persist for several days after the treatment.
  • Our core frequencies get balanced through Sound.
  • The rhythm and flow of energy in our body gets re-established.
  • Balances our chakras. 
  • Sound heals us at cellular level.
  • Sound therapy provides a drug free way of treating Pain and illnesses.
  • Sound frequencies bring your body and mind back into a state of harmony and health.

Sounds of Shiva:

These a beautiful self help practices taught to be done regularly for achieving specific results.

These include a combination of taking out particular sounds while holding a posture for a specific purpose.

Additional support is provided through audios instructions.

Experience of Sound Meditations:

Usually done for small groups in a closed room, these sound meditations help release stress and relax you by taking you into meditative states. People can have different experiences while being in different states of consciousness with the flow of sounds coming from the bowls. This session can be best experienced by sitting on the floor with your back against a wall or lying down while the bowls are being played on the floor so that the vibrations and sounds of the bowls can be felt more deeply. But you can also sit on a chair with your feet touching the ground.

What to expect during a Sound Healing Session?

  • Sound and vibrations of the singing bowls go deep into the subconscious.
  • Sound can travel into each and every cell of the physical body
  • Any blocks of stagnant energy are cleared.
  • Healing happens at different levels….mental, physical, emotional.
  • Helps in healing patterns in life.
  • Every session takes you into deep meditative states and relaxes you completely.
  • Boosts your body’s natural healing abilities.
  • Helps in insomnia, pain, depression, anxiety.

Multiple sound healing sessions are required for specific issues.

When to avoid Sound Healing:

  • It is best to avoid sound healing during pregnancy.
  • Also people with serious mental health issues should first consult their doctor before receiving treatments.




TIRED from everywhere?
750 per person (45 mins session)


TIRED from everywhere?
3000 (45-60 mins)

Sound Healing by Surili G

Speaker at Astro-and-Wellness Talks 21 October 2018 at Mumbai
Sound Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls by Sound Healer Surili G

Visit by Surili Guptaa to Muni International School, New Delhi and holding a session on Group Sound Healing with children of  Class 7 and 8.

Sound Events Memories


Sound Events Memories


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Lama Fera, Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy by Surili Guptaa


I felt very comfortable and relaxed in all sessions.  I was very relaxed by Lama Fera and Sound Healing. Surili has a very calm voice and that helps in all the sessions she does. She is very patient. I would strongly recommend these sessions.

Charu Munjara
14 May, 2018
New Delhi

Group Sound Healing at Muni International School New Delhi


Respected Sister Dear Surili ji
Subject: Thanks letter
We are thankful to Sound Healing & Meditation Specialist Surili Guptaa, under whose directions a one-day special program on Meditation and Healing was successfully organised at Muni International School in New Delhi.
I not only hope but have full confidence, that the Meditation and Healing session conducted by yourselves for the Teachers and Students is proving to be very successful.
Not only this has helped students to overcome and relieve their stress, but has also helped to improve their mind and concentration.
We at Muni International school as a group and all the students feel that such activities should continue to take place so that we continue to gain further from such sessions.

Ashok Kumar Thakur, Founder, Muni International School
30 April, 2018
Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

Soul Healing and Great Satisfaction

Gitanjali Singh Wellness Therapy by surili Gupta, Mumbai

I had visited Surili primarily for two reasons. Firstly to understand my connection and soul purpose with my 17 year old autistic son. Secondly to get rid of the fear that an astrologer had instilled in me regarding him and that he may not live long and his health will deteriorate badly in the near future.
During the session I realised that my goal was to feel peaceful in life and that my son was in my life as a divine will. After the session I have overcomed the fear the astrologer had instilled in me and the methods taught to me to release the stress are very helpful.
I am very thankful to Surili for helping me out in these troubled times and definitely my purpose of visiting her was a success.
Thanking you,

Gitanjali SINGH
30 January, 2018
Mumbai, India

Sound Healing by Surili

Sushma Srivastava Sound healinmbai by Ssurilig Mu

I was having problem in sleeping since many years. After taking sound healing sessions form Surili I have started sleeping well after many years. Thank you Surili.

God Bless You

Sushma Srivastava
10 December, 2017
New Delhi, India