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Surili Heals is a Holistic Healing and Wellness Website created by Ssurili.

The focus of Surili Heals is on balancing life energies through spiritual services to bring relief to those suffering from various mental, psychological, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual issues affecting different areas of their lives.

Surili Heals upholds highest standards of genuine service, compassion and humanitarian values for wellbeing of all. We are present on all social media platforms.

Our Future plans include expansion of the scope of spiritual and humanitarian work being done by us. Our Vision is to strive to positively impact and transform as many lives as possible globally by spreading continuous spiritual awareness though travels, videos, talks, publications, public appearances, social media campaigns, programs, camps, tie-ups, promotions and various spiritual activities as per requirement.

About Ssurili Rk


Ssurili has been practicing as a Spiritual Healer and Holistic Transformation Coach since 2013 using many different methods based on her learning and experience to bring relief to her clients. Ssurili has received Iconic Award for her spiritual work and has many great testimonials to her credit.

Ssurili started her journey as a Healer while going through an extremely challenging phase of her life when she started looking for ways of healing herself and her life. She began exploring and learning different alternative healing modalities. In the process she started experiencing the benefits of alternative healings through her own physical, mental, emotional healing which led to transformation in her life, and she developed a deep desire to share her knowledge, learning and experiences to heal and help others the same way.

After gaining recognition as Lama Fera Grandmaster, Ssurili has been practicing and teaching as an Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide teaching many advance spiritual courses. She has trained many healers and masters from different countries in different Spiritual Healing modalities including Lama Fera and advanced healing modalities.

Ssurili is an MBA in Finance, a Business Conferences Specialist and a B2B Events Anchor, Trained Classical Singer and Classical Dancer, Poet, Stock Market Enthusiast, and has been Volunteer with Isha Foundation.

She is a learner at heart with a keen interest in Indian culture and Spiritual subjects since childhood.

Surili G-Lama Fera-Mumbai-India-Expert-Grandmaster

Ssurili Rk
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