Yogmaya is a combination of all deities and guru’s energy or can say 84 crores of brain cells or universal (9 planets and 5 elements energy). 

Some yogis and practitioners of Yogmaya put it as natural energy or cosmic power that can be acquired through practice.

According to mythology yogmaya is called Devi. It’s a very simple meditation process to heal past karmas or get freedom from karmas, sorrows and diseases. It is high frequency gaining process to gain success in spiritualism and astral science powers.

Yogmaya is a combination of cosmic energies through which we can cure physical and mental problems, and find success in every field of life.

Yogmaya helps us overcome our weak qualities like suspicion, self-doubt, anger, sorrow. It makes you control your frustration.

It helps us in balancing our chakras and clearing the auras. which in return heals any disease process within us.  Not only this, as inner healing happens, you become less fearful and do not suffer from phobias.

Yogmaya is the second process of lama fera which requires deep meditation.

*Knowing Lama Fera is a pre-requisite for learning Yogmaya.

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Divine Yogmaya Energy Initiation and Diksha – by Grandmaster Ssurili Rk

24 January 2022,


Looking for Improving Spiritual Energy ?


Combined Energies of Entire Cosmos
per person (workshop)
  • One Day Workshop

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Yogmaya Energy


I have completed the Yogamaya workshop with Ssurili Ma’am.It was truly a magical experience throughout the class.I got an opportunity to establish a connection with Yogamaya energy even during the attunement process as well. Felt some high energy flowing throughout my body ..Really happy and proud to learn from a Great Master like you. Awaiting to learn more courses . Thanks once again, Ma’am.????????????????

Roshith Nirmal
21 August, 2022
Kerala, India

Mahashakti !!


Thank you so much with Wholehearted love & Gratitude Surili Mam! Very Blessed by the divine will to learn Yogamaya Healing Modality from a very Compassionate Spiritual Master! I felt a very powerful & Blissful (no words) Divine Experience in the workshop’s Initiation with higher vibrations of Yogamaya MahaShakthi! I Strongly Recommend Everyone, especially those who are in Spiritual Healing Service to learn & experience all workshops conducted by Suriliji! Pranams ????‍♂️????

Sundar Pillai
17 January, 2022
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