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Are you facing financial blockages ?

Is there disharmony in your space ?

Are you having relationship problems ?

Are you having health problems ?

If you, or one or more members in the family/ house/ office or any of your near and dear ones are facing any of the above or more, then
Space energy clearing is definitely required to improve or correct the situation.

Space Energy Clearing and Purification

Space Energy Clearing helps to correct imbalances in the elements and energy of spaces which adversely impact the people living or working in that space. Energy clearing and energy balancing of a place is as important as physical cleaning and physical maintenance. 

Sometimes if a house is balanced according to Vaastu / Feng Shui, so that the five elements and yin yang is balanced there, but even after that people suffer there. That may be due to stagnated energy, and other spirit, karmic, or negative energies. So those energies must be removed to balance the energy of the house. Here we clear the space energy, and remove negative energies and their impact so that the energy of house gets balanced and purified for best results.

Five free suggestions on how to improve the energy of your house to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere:

1. De-Clutter your space by removing all unwanted, unused items which you have not used since few years.
2. Avoid dumping stuff in the corners. Pay special attention to keep corners clean.
3. Keep indoor green plants and plants outside windows for freshness and oxygen.
4. Burn incense, diya, aroma oils, perfumed candles.
5. Play chants, hymns, mantras, or any soothing music.

How frequently should I get the Space Energy Clearing?

This is a common question many people ask me.

My reply is that its best to do a full space clearing and entity removal at least once a year.

However, if you are facing major problems like property not getting sold, or property disputes etc, then regular monthly space clearing for 3 to 5 months is necessary.

Its also a good idea to get space clearing of a new home or office done before shifting there so as to attract good vibes with positivity and balanced energy.

I have done Feng Shui, should I get Space Energy Clearing?

It is better to understand that Feng Shui always works better when done in combination with space energy clearing. As a space energy clearer i am often called to help where Feng Shui/ Vastu remedies had been done but still the situation has not changed or has not improved enough.

What’s the Best time for Space Clearing ?

Poornima or Full moon times are most powerful for releasing negativity and clearing energy of spaces.

Full moon clearings can be done from 3 days before to 3 days after the full moon.

But bookings get full for full moon space clearings, so book your slots atleast 1-2 months in advance.

Distance Space Energy Clearing – YES IT IS POSSIBLE!!

It is possible to do Distance Space Clearing also for your homes, offices, buildings, factories, land.

For this i need the following…

1) Full address of the place.

2) Name of owner(s)/ partners/ caretakers

3) Name of owner’s mother (optional)

4)  Video of the place covering all enclosed areas (means every closed space with four walls and a door to include all four corners of each room).

For example, in a house, this would include main door and entrance, bedrooms, kitchen, drawing, dining, bathrooms, store rooms, passages between the rooms, and also covered balconies (if any), servant/caretaker room (if part of the house and attached to the house)

5) You may or may not be personally present during your space clearing.



5100 per session

2 or 2+ FLOORS

6600 per session


7200 per session

2 or 2+ FLOORS

9000 per session


10,000 per session

2 or 2+ FLOORS

15,000 per session


11,100 per session

Read Reviews

Light at the end of Dark Tunnel

It is always said that every dark tunnel has a light. Surili was that light for me. I have been struggling with many kinds of energetic blocks within myself and in my surroundings. I contacted surili a month back and with just 5 personal healing and 1 house cleaning she has made a very big change and influence in clearing out the blocked energy. I found her to be very compassionate, good listener and someone who suggests a therapy or healing modality that is appropriate for you and not something generic.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels stuck and wants to feel better.

29 August, 2020
Mumbai, India

Healer who helped my Company

I love to share my experience with dear Surili. She’s an amazing healer who just completely connects to your inner soul, gives complete support to understand your work and mission. She helped me zero down the logo of my company which I was working on for a year and also suggested proper words formation with complete colour coordination and one thing she told me which still echoes in my ears that YOU WILL FLY NOW,NONE CAN STOP YOU and yes, I can see the difference. Thanks a ton Surili ?

Raakkhee Singhi
9 August, 2020
Chennai, India

No Negativity in my LIfe now!


I was facing many personal life issues and family issues since many years.
I come to know about Surili Ma’am through my friend, and in first meeting only she cleared out about my problems. After that I did total 8 sessions of Lama Fera, including 5 sessions of my negativity removal healing and 3 sessions of my House distance healing by her.
In 3rd session only I felt much relaxed, energetic and lighter and got positive changes with new start of my life again.
I clearly felt that some bad negativity blockage has been removed from my life.
Now, I feel blessed to be guided by her. She is very down to earth person and pure soul of God. She has very clamly understood each problem of my life and her therapy sessions gave me a new life.
I strongly recommend her to all who are suffering through such negativity. Thank You again Surili Ma’am to bring Happiness again in my life. Keep your blessed hand always on me??

Deepika Salvi
17 November, 2019
Mumbai, India

Negativity Gone !!


Surilliji has provided me transformational healing. I did 4 sessions of negativity removal sessions with her and feel like a new person. I feel much lighter, detoxified with a new zest for life. For me she is the hand of God and I feel all my dreams are going to come true with this new positive energy.

Hemal Shah
14 July, 2019
Mumbai, India

Testimonial for House Energy Clearing and Purification

Sachita Kumar space clearing energy Mumbai

We have been going through a lot of negativity in our life which was affecting our personal and professional space. We contacted Surili for the Space clearing at our home. With the first session itself, we have felt a huge change in our lives. The situation at work and home have shown signs of improvement. We highly recommend her services and are looking forward to the next session with Surili

Sachita Kumar
23 July, 2018
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