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Please keep yourself updated with News and Posts by Ssurili Rk. Ssurili Rk is a great Spiritual Healer and has healed over 200 students from not only in India but over a dozen countries across the globe.

Ssurili Rk has got vast experience in Lama Fera and is a Grandmaster in Lama Fera. Not only this people looking for Munay Ki Rites healing and sessions can also benefit from her experience. Ssurili Rk is a Master Teacher in Munay Ki Rite.

For any queries Ssurili Rk can be contacted by sending an email or directly by phone or WhatsApp.

Click HERE to fill a contact form and send an email. She will respond to your query within few hours.

What is Numerology

What do you understand by Numerology? Are you finding your life purpose ? Are your efforts not bringing desired result ? Don’t know which job/ career / business is best for you ? Numbers in your date of birth and your name can affect your life. Numerology is mirror of life that reflects your life

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