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Sunday 2 June 2024 : Munay-Ki Ancient Sacred Rites Initiations / Teachers Training

🌷Munay-ki Rites Initiations & Teacher’s Training
Facilitator : Munay-Ki Teacher, Ssurili Rk


The Munay-Ki Rites are Ancient Sacred Shamanic Rites.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki help to transform and rejuvenate the luminous energy field. These are strong energetic transmissions which help in healing the wounds of the past. These wounds are on your past – your karmic & genetic inheritance.

There are 10 Rites or Initiations of Munay-ki :

1)Healers Rite
2)Bands of Power Rite
3)Harmony Rite
4)Seer’s Rite

5)Day Keeper’s Rite
6)Wisdom Keeper’s Rite
7)Earth Keeper’s Rite

8)Star Keeper’s Rite
9)Creator’s Rite

10)Rite of the Womb

These Rites of passage are Codes for Transformational Evolution gifted via a Series of Energetic Transmissions that download directly into your Luminous Energy Field.

These Rites offer the potential to complete within one lifetime a process of evolution that would otherwise take many many generations. It is the key to taking a quantum leap in species evolution.


Teachers Training Course Contents :

*Opening & Closing Sacred Space
*Theory and Background
*Receiving the initiations of 10 Rites
*Learning and Practicing Gifting of all the Rites
*Learning about 7 powerful Archetypes of the 7 Chakras and connecting with them
*Fire Ceremony
And much more…


For enquiries and to register, please Whatsapp on (India number): +91-8928109732

Email: contactsurili@suriliheals.com


Website: www.suriliheals.com

The event is finished.

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