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All your childhood memories and past traumas are stored deep within you. But these memories get frozen in time as the years pass. But subconsciously, you continue to get influenced by those memories that you went through during childhood.

Childlike aspect is always there within all. The inner child reflects the child you once were with both positive and negative aspects of that age and its experiences. When this inner child within you has been deprived of deep love, nourishment, care or attention in childhood, then after a certain age it starts to bleed at wrong places, just like an old wound that is not treated properly.

These experiences you might have had with either your loved ones, your caretakers, or those whom you trusted as a child. But you felt betrayed/ hurt/ harmed by those people, which impacted you adversely since you felt helpless and vulnerable at that time.

As an adult, your inner child personality can take over when you are faced with a challenge/situation/problem.

So the main idea of ‘Inner Child’ work is to go into the deepest recesses of your mind using therapy to uncover the roots of what became negative adult behaviors, and then go into one’s memory bank to fix and heal it at its very origin.

At any stage of growing up, if the child faces any sort of abuse, neglect or trauma, it manifests later in life as dependency, trust or self-esteem issues, aggressive behavior, intimacy dysfunction, addictions or compulsive behaviors, thought distortions or emptiness etc.


Many a times, childhood traumas and past traumas are caused by wounded parents, where the parents are stuck in their own inner child issues and do not realise the impact of their behavior on their children.

Most issues created in the early years of childhood are to do with the mother. Despite good intentions, certain events may leave a mark in child’s innocent mind.

Lack of affection, physical abuse, even a casual remark, an insensitive scolding or her absence can scar her child in unknown ways for life. As the child grows, the father’s role becomes just as critical as the mother’s.

It’s not entirely right to say it’s all the parents’ fault. They themselves may be acting out their own ‘wounded child’ in adulthood. (For instance, adult bullies, violent parents and sexual predators are more often than not physically, mentally or sexually abused in childhood.)
Parents simply do not realise the long-term implications of their actions, and end up scolding, hitting, putting down, ignoring and hurting the child out of impulse or ignorance.

  • Inner Child Healing is a very powerful process to help to heal and overcome the pain of your negative experiences at different ages since childhood that left you feeling emotionally wounded.
  • Inner Child Healing frees you by releasing those painful memories and traumas, and healing you deeply and helping you repair your relationships and become whole once again.
  • The general idea of inner child work is that if you make an effort to contact, listen to, communicate with, and nurture your inner child, you can find and heal the roots of your issues as an adult.
  • Through inner child work, you can learn to grieve, heal and resolve any sources of trauma you’ve been unconsciously holding on to for years. This can liberate you and allow you to live a life of true adulthood, emotional balance and well-being.

Surili G helps to facilitate your inner child healing process through various sessions depending upon your issue, which will help you to gradually begin to feel the difference in your emotionally wounded state and feel much better.

Inner Child Healing sessions with Surili G provide you a safe environment for releasing feelings of anger, rage, helplessness, hurt, and even hate coming from your childhood experiences




Heal your past traumas
  • Approx. 1 hour per session

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Inner Child Healing Wonderful Experience

Sudhi Mishra Healing in Mumbai

I had gone to Surili for a Inner Child Healing session and I had a wonderful experience. I felt very relaxed and stress free after that. I would recommend Surili to others.

2 March, 2016
New Delhi, India
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