Lama Fera Healing

LAMA FERA HEALING is very powerful and considered as the fastest energy based healing technique used by the Buddhist monks in the Himalayas for centuries. Ssurili is Grandmaster in Lama Fera Healing and advanced practices based in Mumbai India – available for healing sessions and spiritual guidance for local, outstation and International clients. Ssurili has helped her clients from various problems of Black Magic removal, Negativity removal and all kinds of problems.

Lama-Fera is the union of two words. Both the words have their own identity and importance. Lama means someone  who follows philosophy of Buddha, making it part of his life from core of his heart; and Fera means two and a half times circumvention around the body of the person to be healed.

Lama Fera has 12 main symbols to practice. Though its method of treatment or healing is quite different from what we practice in Reiki and other healing therapies but its symbols have abundance power to treat highest level of negative energies.

Lama Fera can play a great role in releasing us from our sufferings. It is a unique & powerful solution blessed by Lord Buddha to overcome negative energies that block our progress in different areas of our life.

Lama Fera helps to do Personal healing, Distance healing, healing of Spaces (homes, offices, factories, land), healing People and Situations.

Benefits of Lama Fera Healing…

*Fastest and Most powerful healing practiced by Lamas in Tibet since ancient times.
*Does Healing at physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual level
*Helps in Soul Realization
*Clears Blockages
*Reduces Suffering
*Removes Negativity
*Removes Negative Energies
*Removes Black Magic
*Does Prosperity Opening
*Balances Chakras

The main cause of suffering according to LAMA FERA HEALING is the ignorance of the soul and main purpose of LAMA FERA HEALING is soul realisation. When the soul decides to overcome the ignorance with the power of DHAMMA, SANGHA and BUDDHA, healing starts instantly.

The main purpose of LAMA FERA HEALING is to create a balance at physical, mental and spiritual level.

The three causes of imbalance are :

1- Imbalance in five elements,
2- Imbalance in yin and yang, solar and lunar channel, and
3- Imbalance in Satva, Rajas and Tamas.

By balancing all the above a person, or a place can be healed.


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TIRED from everywhere?
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  • Recommended 3-5 sessions
  • Serious problem?
    More sessions may be necessary
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TIRED from everywhere?
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  • Recommended 3-5 sessions
  • Serious problem?
    More sessions may be necessary

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