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Benefits of Lama Fera Healing :

It’s Fastest and Most powerful healing practiced by Lamas in Tibet since ancient times.
*Does healing at physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual level
*Helps in reducing Suffering of the Soul
*Clears Blockages
*Reduces Karmic Blockages
*Reduces effects of Critical illness and treatment
*Removes Negativity
*Removes Negative and Dark Energies, spirits, spells, entities
*Balances all the energies
*Balances Chakras
*Clears Aura

Through Lama Fera all this is possible :
*Personal healing
*Distance healing
*Healing of Spaces
*Healing Situations
*Healing Relationships

SELECT (Session or Workshop) & PAY

Negativity Removal Session, Black Magic Removal Session, Monthly Healing Package, Workshop Lama Fera Healer, Lama Fera Healing Kit, Workshop Lama Fera Master, Workshop Lama Fera Healer & Master, Workshop Lama Fera Grandmaster

Any benefits?

Lama Fera is useful for removing any negativity in life and if someone has done any black magic in your life.

4 reviews for Lama Fera

  1. Jyotsana

    Very powerful healing sessions with Ssurili mam. Highly recommend her.

  2. Deepa Dhami – Kuwait

    Power of Kriyasar Symbol Thank you so much mam for teaching me both levels of Lama Fera.
    I tried using kriyasar symbol while coming back home as there was too much traffic. I was stuck for more than half an hour in one place. Traffic was not moving at all. Suddenly I remembered about this symbol and drew this symbol to clear traffic and put intention, and within a minute vehicle started moving.
    This is really an amazing healing modality.
    Thank you so much universe Thank you so mam. I really enjoyed your class.

  3. Varsha Gheewala – Mumbai

    Best Lama Fera Healing WorkshopI connected with Surili mam in the year 2022 with the intention to learn Lama Fera healing but some health issue came up and for one year I was caught up with it…come again 2023 …and the desire to actually heal myself with Lama Fera came first but Surili mam guided to learn it instead and i think it’s the best thing that has happened to me. My health started showing positive changes in energy levels and there was a huge shift in my mental space too.
    Surili mam truly is master with amazing healing energies. I highly recommend her. Her presence is grace. Gratitude for your presence and healing blessings.

  4. Sneha Naik

    Her Healing is a Ray of Hope and Divine Loving Light
    Today on this auspicious day of Mahashivratri (Shiv) coinciding with Women’s Day (Shakti) I would like to share my experience with Surili Mam. I met her during one of my most darkest & toughest times. I had lost all the hopes & wanted to end my life, because my own people abandoned me & I was left alone. Also i was struggling financially & things were not at all great at home. But universe had some other plans & so i met her. She has got some magic, believe me when say this magic as in she has got that goddess touch. Her Aura is on to some another level. On the very 1st day of healing I spoke my heart out to mam & she was so kind & patient to listen to my venting heart. With the 1st healing itself I felt so great I can’t even express. All my blocked energy just opened & I started feeling so much positive & fresh from day one itself. I took 7 healings in total, but the 1st 3 to 4 healings were quite intense which worked on deeper level as I have had quite a lot of issues right from childhood trauma & so on till date. But with those intense healings I was overall a completely different person after that. Mam also got me connected to spirituality which helped me a lot to overcome many things. Slowly with each healing I started getting better & now even our finances have improved. All our financial work related to ancestral land also started working now which was stuck since many years. Mam not only healed me but she use to put those extra efforts to make sure that I am okay. I used to keep talking & sharing my experiences whenever I came for healings & she would patiently listen to everything & whenever needed she gave me so much of wisdom. So to whoever is reading this or going through any challenging times, trust me there is always a light & that light is Surili Mam. Come to her & I guarantee you that you will surely come out of any kind of difficulty. Don’t loose hope at all. Her healing temple is a ray of hope & Divine loving light. I hope my review reaches all those who are in need & have held on to hope & are looking for some help & light. Thank you so much mam for everything that you have done for me. Thank you UNIVERSE. I am so Grateful for everything.
    Har Har Mahadev 🔱🙏🏻

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