Humkara with Haleem

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Divine Energies of  Goddess Kali & Baglamukhi

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  • Activation of BRAHMA NAADI that opens the higher channel of the subtle body.
  • Releasing blockages from Vishudhi chakra that gives wisdom to access diffrent dimensions and gives power of intuition.
  • With the powerful energy of HUMKARA and HALEEM all the negative energies can be warded of instantly.
  • It helps to Increase Focus and Concentration so that any goal can be achieved.
  • Provides Protection against all the diseases caused due to mental stress.
  • Helps to remove addictions.
  • Eliminates stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Helps in Clearing auras and creating magnetism in your auric field.

4 reviews for Humkara with Haleem

  1. Soumita Bhattacharya – Calcutta

    Mam, One year of my learning humkara haleem is completed.
    I get immense good results when i apply on my clients and for mysef too.
    Sharing some success stories with Humkara Haleem… Client came with back pain, lumber pain. It vanished pain instantly.
    Next each of my career aspiring healees got desired success including me too.
    It also helped women who have emotional issues, low feeling, need emotional strength and they also got their financial goals. One feedback i got from my students that before learning humkara they got drained out easily after 1 or 2 healings. But now they carry daily more than 10 healings easily without draining. Even i am able to do daily healings of many people without problem. My daily routine is going smooth.
    Thank you mam for gifting me this great healing tool of Humkara with Haleem

  2. Poornima Behra – Bangalore

    Surili ma’am you are the best. Now a days in this fraud world it’s very very difficult to find a genuine master like you who can understand our situation. I lost my unborn baby. During this period you understood my emotions, helped me and guided me with empathy, sympathy. Although you are very busy still you gave me your precious time. I can’t explain how much this means to me. I will follow each and every step suggested by you. Thanks a lot for being a great mentor????

  3. Shweta Srivastava

    I did Humkara Haleem and Lama Fera course from Surili ma’am….. course with ma’am was life turning point for me… miracles happen in my life… in fact during Siddhikaran my stiff neck and shoulder pain is completely gone…… thank you thank you and thank you so much
    Your coming in my life is nothing less than a blessing…lots of love ma’am and blessings

  4. Sathyapriya

    The Humkara with Haleem workshop conducted by Surili Maaam was a truly transformative experience for me. From the moment I was initiated by Surili Maaam, I could feel a powerful surge of positive energy coursing through my body. Her expert guidance during the workshop helped me to connect with the energy of Maa Kali in a way that was truly profound.

    What impressed me the most about Surili Maaam was her deep level of experience and expertise, coupled with her grounded and calm demeanor. It was clear to me that she truly knows her craft and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Furthermore, her ability to handhold and support her students after the class was truly phenomenal. She went above and beyond to ensure that I had all the tools and resources I needed to continue my practice long after the workshop had ended.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Surili Maaam’s Humkara with Haleem workshop to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with the energy of Maa Kali and Bagalamukhi. Her expertise, guidance, and support make for a truly transformative experience that will stay with you long after the workshop is over.

  5. Sonali

    Hi Is this a one day or a 2 days workshop? Thanks

    • Suriliheals

      Hi, its a one day workshop. You can attend it online via Zoom or Face 2 Face.

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