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Munay-Ki Rites are beautiful Shamanic initiations. These are strong energetic transmissions which help in bringing evolution in self transformation by healing the wounds of your past – your karmic & genetic inheritance.

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Beautiful Shamanic initiations, strong energy transmissions.

There are Total 10 Rites of Munay-ki :

“Munay-ki Rites can be received and practiced by both men and women if they have a calling for their Self Transformation and Evolution.

The Munay-Ki Rites are ancient sacred Shamanic Rites.
There are 10 Initiations of the Munay-ki Rites :

1)Healers Rite
2)Bands of Power Rite
3)Harmony Rite
4)Seer’s Rite
5)Day Keeper’s Rite
6)Wisdom Keeper’s Rite
7)Earth Keeper’s Rite
8)Star Keeper’s Rite
9)Creator’s Rite
10)Rite of the Womb

These Rites or initiations are codes for transformational evolution gifted via a series of energetic transmissions that download directly into your Luminous Energy Field. These Rites offer the potential to complete within one lifetime a process of evolution that would otherwise take many many generations. It is the key to taking a quantum leap in species evolution.


Munay-ki Teacher’s Training Course Contents :

*Opening & Closing Sacred Space
*Theory and Background
*Receiving the initiations of 10 Rites
*Learning to Transmit the Rites to Others
*Learning about 7 powerful Archetypes of the 7 Chakras and connecting with them
*Fire Ceremony
And much more…


Energy Exchange for each Munay-ki Rites initiations
Rupees 24,000


Energy Exchange for Munay-ki Teacher’s Training
Additional Rupees 12,000


4 reviews for Munay ki Rites

  1. Dr Namrata Sadavarte

    It was totally different experience for me. I stood before you, I felt something heavy around my body. I could feel it. I felt nice. Thank you.

  2. Nisha M Chandran

    Munay-ki Rites Teacher’s Training Workshop participant
    It was a very pleasant experience to study with Surili. She is very considerate teacher and had explained all the Rites (even complicated ones) in a very simple manner which was very easy to understand.

    I am very happy and honoured that I had studied under her. I’m also looking forward to undergo other workshops as and when she visits Bangalore or when I’m able to attend it.

    Thank you Surili for helping me learn these Munay-ki Rites which I wanted to do for a long time.

  3. Sara Vidal

    Wonderful experience receiving Munay-ki Rites, Mumbai, India
    Hello my name is Sara Vidal from Peru. Here in India Mumbai I received Munay-Ki rites from Surili Guptaa. It was a wonderful experience receiving five rites. I can say of all this full spiritual work. I felt a lot of internal and external strength, a lot of joy, peace. All activated energy centers and in harmony with my inner being. I am very grateful to Surili because this experience has been wonderful, at all levels.

    I recommend the practice of Munay-ki rites to connect with your inner being and awaken the beings that live in you in this way help to be a better person to remain a better human being and serve God better.

  4. Mehrr – California, USA

    Highly recommend Surili G who is kind, loving, patient, advanced healer. You will be lucky if you come to her!!

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