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Please keep yourself updated with News and Posts by Ssurili Rk. Ssurili Rk is a great Spiritual Healer and has healed over 200 students from not only in India but over a dozen countries across the globe.

Ssurili Rk has got vast experience in Lama Fera and is a Grandmaster in Lama Fera. Not only this people looking for Munay Ki Rites healing and sessions can also benefit from her experience. Ssurili Rk is a Master Teacher in Munay Ki Rite.

For any queries Ssurili Rk can be contacted by sending an email or directly by phone or WhatsApp.

Click HERE to fill a contact form and send an email. She will respond to your query within few hours.


Miraculous Results (Life Enhancing Signatures)

It has been an amazing experience for me to have a meeting with such a great healer . The therapy she gives has miraculous results in my life. I strongly recommend that anyone who gets her healing touch will definitely start it’s new horizon of success and surely be a overall winner. May she heal

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poornima gangadhara

My Magical Angel (Testimonial for Life Enhancing Signatures)

Surili is an embodiment of compassion and love. Even the first time i had a conversation with her, within a minute I could feel “She is my magical angel” sent by universe to uplift me from my struggling phase of life. Her immense patience, incredible knowledge, amazing power all combined together has resulted in a

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Life Enhancing Signatures

Surili ji is a versatile and multi talented person. Very divine and pure soul. During my Signature Analysis, she told me about my weakness in my behaviour only by analysing my signatures. I wondered, how is it possible to tell so many things absolutely correct by this method. Then she corrected my signature to improve

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Nidhii Swami Lama Fera Workshop Surili Heals

Signature Analysis by Surili Guptaa

In Signature Analysis I experienced better things in my life. Before Signature Analysis my life was unsystematic. I did more than 7000 signatures and my life is very systemic, organised, and emotionally I am very happy. This Signature Analysis session by Surili Guptaa is very different experience of my life.  Before this I was emotionally

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Prashant Tripathi

Great Healer and Therapist

I had great experience and satisfaction while taking professional healing solution from Surili Ji at Osman chambers, Juhu, Mumbai. I took Lama Fera session, Signature Analysis & correction……. Session for finding purpose of life….. I highly recommend everyone to best of healing support in order to find root causes…… Divine blessings to all

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