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Please keep yourself updated with News and Posts by Ssurili Rk. Ssurili Rk is a great Spiritual Healer and has healed over 200 students from not only in India but over a dozen countries across the globe.

Ssurili Rk has got vast experience in Lama Fera and is a Grandmaster in Lama Fera. Not only this people looking for Munay Ki Rites healing and sessions can also benefit from her experience. Ssurili Rk is a Master Teacher in Munay Ki Rite.

For any queries Ssurili Rk can be contacted by sending an email or directly by phone or WhatsApp.

Click HERE to fill a contact form and send an email. She will respond to your query within few hours.


Group Sound Healing at Muni International School New Delhi

Respected Sister Dear Surili ji Subject: Thanks letter We are thankful to Sound Healing & Meditation Specialist Surili Guptaa, under whose directions a one-day special program on Meditation and Healing was successfully organised at Muni International School in New Delhi. I not only hope but have full confidence, that the Meditation and Healing session conducted

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Gitanjali Singh Wellness Therapy by surili Gupta, Mumbai

Soul Healing and Great Satisfaction

I had visited Surili primarily for two reasons. Firstly to understand my connection and soul purpose with my 17 year old autistic son. Secondly to get rid of the fear that an astrologer had instilled in me regarding him and that he may not live long and his health will deteriorate badly in the near

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Sushma Srivastava Sound healinmbai by Ssurilig Mu

Sound Healing by Surili

I was having problem in sleeping since many years. After taking sound healing sessions form Surili I have started sleeping well after many years. Thank you Surili. God Bless You

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