Amazing progress in my son with Developmental Delay – Great Lama Fera

A Big THANK YOU Surili, ever-since we have started taking Lama Fera healing session with you, we see an amazing progress in my son’s sleep pattern, constipation and obviously speech. As you know my son IISHAANK is developmentally lagging and falls on the Autism Spectrum, having said that he has had multiple co-morbidities associated with it. This affected his sleep, digestion and many more areas of his life.
As we started healing, i have noticed tremendous holistic progress – he is sleeping better, a child who used to wake up in the midnight at least 2-3 times per week is now remarkably reduced to once or twice in 2 weeks, and his digestion got better coz he is able to have regular bowel movements, much calmer, happier and affectionate. Behaviours are almost NIL. He connects with everyone at home in a more loving way, I mean I can go on and on. You have been a great healer, a wonderful and compassionate friend who guided us holistically, not just with his healing but for his overall progress. I cant thank you enough, you are god sent and am so grateful for this association.
Thank you for taking up this healing request despite you having no prior history of handling similar conditions and doing a WONDERFUL job.
I really like the way you work with set goals and working towards achieving those results. For those who think the results cannot be tracked, please talk to Surili, she knows her job so well and is very organised and focused towards her goals. She is a ONE STOP SOLUTION!

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