Ssurili an Angel

I was at a cross road both on a personal front and the career front. I wanted guidance, but was skeptical as to whom to choose coz on a google search you can find so many card readers. Well I just went by my intuition and connected to the page Surili Heals. Called up and quickly took an appointment. Connected via Zoom call on time.
Ssurili Mam has very soothing and calming voice. Looked very composed. She greeted me very well.
I went ahead and shooted my question. She was very patient and heard the entire question and took few minutes to answer and gave me the guidance accordingly. Which was very satisfying. Mam also asked whether she is making justice to the question. Well she was making lot of sense to what I asked her. It was just not only the answer to question but she gave me lot of other solutions also. I had booked a 30 minutes session which indeed became 45 minutes but Mam never hurried up. End of the session I felt the had made the best decision by connecting to her. After the session I am pretty much sorted i know which direction to go. I had lost hopes you came in as a Angel who bought in ray of light. Thank you so much for the guidance and support. I am blessed to come across a wonderful soul like you. Thanks ????????

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