Success of Learning Humkara with Haleem

Mam, One year of my learning humkara haleem is completed.
I get immense good results when i apply on my clients and for mysef too.
Sharing some success stories with Humkara Haleem… Client came with back pain, lumber pain. It vanished pain instantly.
Next each of my career aspiring healees got desired success including me too.
It also helped women who have emotional issues, low feeling, need emotional strength and they also got their financial goals.

One feedback i got from my students that before learning humkara they got drained out easily after 1 or 2 healings. But now they carry daily more than 10 healings easily without draining. Even i am able to do daily healings of many people without problem. My daily routine is going smooth.
Thank you mam for gifting me this great healing tool of Humkara with Haleem

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