Past Life Regression

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Each Session of Past Life Regression is 1.5 – 2 Hours. (Beyond 2 hours charges are Rs 500 extra for every 15 mins)

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Many problems in your life have their roots in your past lives. So you can find answers to your current life problems by viewing one or more of your past lives.

Past Life Regression is a powerful healing technique that allows individuals to explore their past lives and uncover unresolved issues that may be affecting their current life. During a Past Life Regression session, a skilled practitioner guides the individual into a relaxed state of hypnosis, where they can access memories from previous lives. By revisiting these past experiences, individuals can gain insight into recurring patterns, relationships, and behaviours in their current life.

This technique can help individuals release emotional and physical traumas, gain clarity, and heal deep-seated wounds. Past Life Regression is a popular therapy in Mumbai, where many people seek to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of their lives.

2 reviews for Past Life Regression

  1. Sweeti

    Excellent session
    Well guided and encouraged

  2. Sohum

    Get to Know your purpose for life!
    It is only possible when done by expert and she has strong spiritual energies to guide you.

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3 other looking at this service right now!
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