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Kamal Gill
Kamal Gill
4 December 2023
Surili ji thank you so much for teaching me yogamaya workshop like her name her voice is heart touching.she is an incredible master with amazing healing energies . Yoga maya workshop has changed my sleep I am more calm. Deep gratitude to surili ji stay blessed ♥️
Harpreet Pasricha
Harpreet Pasricha
3 December 2023
I recently did Lama Fera Healer & Master Level workshops [ONLINE] with Surili. Both of the ONLINE workshops were great. During my initiation into Lama Fera, i felt a heavy lift off, of energy that was on my body. Like a boulder being lifted off. Thereafter, very next day, i saw a sudden surge of people showing up in life, who had not great intentions for me. It was an eye opener for me and i knew, its time to make boundaries with them. Thank You Surili Ji, its been great having done these workshops with you and having your clear guidance :)
Johnny Macarony
Johnny Macarony
7 May 2023
A real professional with a great heart! Even if I am from another continent, I recommend for Lama Fera classes. 🙏🙏🙏
Shweta Srivastava
Shweta Srivastava
15 April 2023
I did Humkara Haleem and Lama fera course from Surili ma'am..... course with ma'am was life turning point for miracles happen in my life... infact during siddhikaran my stiff neck and shoulder pain is completely gone...... thank you thank you and thank you so much Your coming in my life is nothing less than a blessing...lots of love ma'am and blessings
Varsha Gheewala
Varsha Gheewala
20 March 2023
My name is Varsha Gheewala and I connected with Surili mam in the year 2022 with the intention to learn Lama Fera healing but some health issue came up and for one year I was caught up with it...come again 2023 ...and the desire to actually heal myself with Lama Fera came first but Surili mam guided to learn it instead and i think it's the best thing that has happened to me. My health started showing positive changes in energy levels and there was a huge shift in my mental space too. Surili mam truly is master with amazing healing energies. I highly recommend her. Her presence is grace. Gratitude for your presence and healing blessings.
Joga Singh
Joga Singh
28 February 2023
Hello! I did Humkara with Haleem workshop with Ma'am and had nice experiences. This modality is effectively helping me out in my healing work. Energies are very powerful while healing with this modality. Thank you Ma'am for such a wonderful gift. Gratitude to the Divine😇🙏
Saraswathy Viswanathan
Saraswathy Viswanathan
8 February 2023
Experienced Amazing spiritual experience with surili mam during shalvik mantra course attunement . Grateful to you mam. ❤️ 🙏🙏
soumita bhattacharya
soumita bhattacharya
26 December 2022
Mam, One year of my learning humkara haleem is completed. I get immense good results when i apply on my clients and for mysef too. Sharing some success stories... Client came with back pain, lumber pain. It vanished pain instantly. Next each of my career aspiring healees got desired success including me too. It also helped women who have emotional issues, low feeling, need emotional strength and they also got their financial goals. One feedback i got from my students that before learning humkara they got drained out easily after 1 or 2 healings. But now they carry daily more than 10 healings easily without draining. Even i am able to do daily healings of many people without problem. My daily routine is going smooth. Thank you mam for gifting me this great healing tool of Humkara with Haleem
Kimaya Pumphy Bansal
Kimaya Pumphy Bansal
12 December 2022
Surili mam is very calm, composed and best teacher for Lama fera, I learnt both the level of lama fera and humakar too. During my learning i was magnetized towards her, there is something she has and holds which I experienced, that positivity and the flow of energy while attunement process is magnificent. So overall it was a great experience for me with surili mam Thank you 🙂

Welcome to Surili Heals International 🙏

Ssurili Rk – Founder, Surili Heals International, is an Experienced Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lama Fera Grandmaster, and Transformation Coach, practicing Alternative Healings and Wellness Therapies since last 12 years based in Mumbai India, and Winner of Iconic Award 2019 as Spiritual Healer and Mentor. She has been successfully conducting Spiritual workshops since many years and has trained many Healers and Masters from India and Abroad.

She provides healing help with all kind of problems – emotional, mental, physical, psychological, relationship related, womb related, anxiety, stress, pain, childhood issues, sleep problems, fears, diseases, critical illness, depression, addictions, black magic removal, spirit attachments, negativity removal, space vastu energy clearing, vastu balancing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, karmic problems, curse removal and many others.

Surili G-Lama Fera-Mumbai-India-Expert-Grandmaster
Ssurili Rk

Ssurili conducts regular Spiritual Courses like Lama Fera, Humkara with Haleem, Yogmaya, Shalvik Mantra Rahasya and others both Online and Offline in Mumbai.    All Courses are Available On Request at mutually convenient dates.

Ssurili also gives shamanic initiations of transformational Munay-ki Rites and Womb Healing, and uses many alternative healings & therapies such as Lama Fera, Humkara Haleem, Sound Healing, Core Somatic Integration, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Core Somatic Integration, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Vastu/Space Energy Clearing, Signature Analysis, Reiki, Card Readings, Numerology, DNA Activation, Astrology, Pendulum Dowsing, Bach Flower Remedies, Curse Removal and other healing tools to help bring relief to her clients from their problems.


All the wellness therapies and healings are personally done by me. I conduct workshops across India. I also have students outside India trained by me.

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Lama Fera Healing Training with Master Trainer Ssurili  – Jane Barclay workshop participant from Florida USA
Black magic removal & Ancestral Healing
Pune – Priyanka Bhalerao
Actor, Music Composer, Singer
Experience of Lama Fera Workshop, Humkara with Haleem Workshop, Yogmaya Workshop 
 – Juhi Sharma (Healer)




Geeta C
House Space Clearing and Humkara Haleem workshop
2023 Jun
Jaswinder Kaur
Yogmaya & Munay-ki
2023 Jan


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